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Buzzbar Pallet Puller and Turner
4-way entry stringer pallet
2-way entry stringer pallet
Buzz Machine Co. (office)
6165 Clarkston Rd.
Clarkston, MI. 48346
Ph: (1-248) 625-4886
Unload pallets without loading dock access !
Pallet Puller - Buzzbar
Pallet Puller Connect
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Pallet Puller for Wood Stringer Pallets - Buzzbar.

Pull Pallets Facing Any Direction With EASY One Hand Hook-up.

BUZZBAR Pallet Puller and Turner - For turning and pulling hard to reach wood stringer pallets out of truck beds and trailers that don't have access to loading docks. Forklift forks to short? Extend your reach with this hookup tool. The concept is simple and the benefits are overwhelming. The puller hook is shaped like a hand so it can pull on the lower deck board and steer with the stringer board. This interlocking configuration allows many exclusive benefits that are only available with the BUZZBAR pallet puller.

Buzzbar Pallet Puller Hook Unique Benefits:
  • Allow a fast positive, one-hand hook-up with minimum effort.
  • Allow stop and go pulling without loosing a hook-up.
  • Retrieve wood stringer pallets facing any direction.
  • Are very strong but lightweight. ( 3 Lbs. )
  • Are comparatively smaller in size. ( 2.00" x 3.50" x 10.75" )
  • Require minimum storage space and can fit in a small toolbox.
  • Are economical, safe, simple and by far the easiest to work with.
  • Provide a 9 MM Quick link for direct chain or clevis hook connection.
  • Are CNC machined from .25" thick steel for high quality duplication.
  • Have high quality Black Epoxy Powder Coated durable finish.
Pallet Puller for Wood Stringer Pallets - Buzzbar.
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Pallet Pullers for Wood Stringer Pallet Trains - Buzzbar.

BUZZBAR 4-Way @ $ 59.00 ea.
3200 lbs. Pulling and Turning capacity
( for 2-way and 4-way entry stringer pallets )

To Order Call 248-625-4886. We accept Visa and Master Card

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Buzz Machine Co. has been serving the Detroit and Flint Michigan area since 1977. Specializing in designing and building special machine tools, fixtures and part transfer equipment for the special machine tool industry.

Note! This pallet hook is not to be used for lifting or anything else other then turning and pulling "wood" stringer pallets that are within tools rated pulling capacity.

Russell L. Simonson - Inventor - Manufacturer/Engineer
BUZZBAR is a Registered Trademark of Buzz Machine Co. (Est.1977) Clarkston, MI. USA.